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Oreo 'LoveBugs'

I’m not sure if this is officially a ‘recipe’ as there’s no baking but it makes some super cute and yummy treats, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Makes 6 love bugs!

6x Oreo cookies (I used the accidentally vegan raspberry twist ones)

100g white chocolate (I used Moo Free)

50g dark or ‘milk’ chocolate (I used Plamil)

Sprinkles (I used Baking Time Club)

Red chocolate colouring (I used Colour Mill)

2x piping bags

6x lolly or cake pop sticks



  1. Carefully separate the Oreos

  2. Melt your white chocolate. Spoon a small amount into a piping bag (for the eyes) and colour the rest red

  3. Use the chocolate to ‘glue’ a stick in the middle of each Oreo and pop in the fridge to set

  4. Once the Oreos are glued to the sticks, dip them in the red coloured white chocolate until completely covered

  5. Cover half of the chocolate dipped Oreo with sprinkles and leave to set

  6. Melt the dark chocolate and put into a piping bag

  7. Pipe across half the Oreo to make the face and pipe two little antennas

  8. Once set, create on the eyes making a little blob of white chocolate with a dot of dark chocolate in the middle

  9. Leave to set again before eating!

Let me know what you think! Is it still a recipe if there’s no baking?

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