Which is your favourite brownie flavour?


Each box contains six large slices of brownie or blondie.  Choose your favourite flavour below!


Classic Chocolate, a fudgy chocolate brownie with extra chocolate chips and a rainbow sprinkle topping.


Salted Caramel, a rich chocolate brownie with swirls of our homemade caramel sauce and salted pretzel pieces.


Raspberry Cream, a delicious dark chocolate brownie with swirls of vegan raspberry cream and baked fresh raspberries.


Bueno Style, our fudgy chocolate brownie with swirls of hazelnut praline, hazelnut wafers and crunchy chopped hazelnuts.


Birthday Cake, a fudgy white chocolate blondie with white and 'milk' chocolate chips, vegan 'smarties' and rainbow sprinkles.


Biscoff, a rich white chocolate blondie with swirls of Biscoff spread and crunchy Lotus biscuit pieces.


Strawberry Shortcake, our delicious white chocolate blondie with white chocolate chips, swirls of strawberry jam, strawberry pieces.

Cookies & Cream, our fudgy white chocolate blondie with chocolate spread swirls and plenty of Oreo cookie pieces.


S'mores, a gooey white chocolate blondie with extra chocolate chips and plenty of toasted marshmallows.



Gluten free options available!


Please note these are full trays of a single flavour.  If you would like a mixture of flavours, please see our 'Mixed Brownies' item. 



Please select your preferred delivery date. Please note this is a date your order will be dispached, not when it will arrive.

Full Brownie Trays


Contains gluten and soya.  Bueno Style Brownie also contain nuts.


Please contact us if you have any questions at hello@clemievegancake.com.

Gluten Free bakes are made in our separate gluten free work area.