Treat yourself to our yummy selection of cake pots and donate to a good cause at the same time!


Our current charity is Brinsley Animal Rescue!


In their selection of cake pots you will find; 

Double Chocolate; a chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream, chocolte spread and chocolate sprinkles.


Vanilla & Biscoff; a vanilla sponge with Biscoff spread, Biscoff buttercream and Lotus biscuit crumble.


Red Velvet & Strawberry; a light red velevt sponge with strawberry jam and real strawberry buttercream, topped with a freeze dried strawberry slice.


£5 from every order goes straight to our chosen charity.


Based in Nottingham, Brinsley Animal Rescue rescue pets, wild animals and farm animals.  Their aim is to rehome pets and farm animals and release wild animals back into the wild, but where animals cannot be rehomed or relased, they provide them with permanent sanctuary. 


Brinsley Animal Rescue has no paid staff and they have to fundraise over £70,000 every year to cover the costs of running the rescue.  


For more information and to donate further, please visit


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Cakes for Good Causes


Contains gluten and soya.


Please note that the following allergens are used in our kitchen and and as such your bake may contain traces unless specified free-from; gluten, soya, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and sulphur dioxide.


We also use some ‘accidently vegan’ products, such as Oreos and Doisy & Dam chocolates, these may not be suitable for milk or egg allergy sufferers. Please contact us if you have any questions at


Gluten Free bakes are made in our separate gluten free work area.