My name is Clemie and I love baking! 


Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed cooking and baking for my family and friends.  I believe you can never turn up to visit someone without a cake, tart or pie!

Being vegan is very important to me.  I think that it is important to show other 'non vegans' the variety of vegan food which can be made, with just a few ethical substitutions.  We don't just eat lettuce!

I started Clemie's Vegan Cakes as a bit of fun back in 2016 (when vegan sweet treats were much harder to come by!) alongside my day job as a teacher, just selling a few cupcakes at our local vegan market.  Thanks to our amazing customers support, the business kept growing until I was able to make it my fulltime employment.

We now have our own little bakery in Hucknall, Nottingham and with three amazing bakery assistants who help create all our vegan postal treats and custom cakes.

Everything you order will be baked from scratch, using fresh ingredients.  Nothing is frozen or reheated.

(Me baking at 3 years old vs Me baking now!)

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Hi, I'm Tacy!

I have been a longstanding customer of Clemie's Vegan Cakes since they started at the vegan market and when I saw they were advertising for staff at the bakery in Hucknall I just knew I had to apply!

I love baking (and eating!) cakes and I'm the bakery's head gluten free baker.  My favourite things to make are our gluten free cupcakes.

When I'm not baking I enjoy crafting and I run my own Etsy business making and selling hair wraps and dreadlock extensions.

I've been vegan for many years and I have three cats and a dog at home!

Hi my name is Charlotte!

I first started at Clemie's Vegan Cakes doing work experience as part of my Professional Cookery course.  I must have been ok, as after graduating I was offered a permanent position at the bakery!

My favourite bakes are making celebration cakes, as I love the creative decorating element.

Outside of work I love collecting house plants and watching Marvel films.

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Hi I'm Ingrid!

I am the newest member of the team at Clemie's Vegan Cakes but I am really enjoying setting in and learning more about professional baking.

As a vegan, it has been so nice to find a work place that aligns with my ethical beliefs.

My favourite thing to bake are our brownies and I love decorating our loaded slabs with all the sweets, biscuits and chocolates!

In my spare time I enjoy looking after our house rabbits and finding new vegan food places to try.